Almost a year ago, on 13 February 2018, I left myself a note to use Simple Icon SVGs instead of font-awesome right down at the bottom of my home page, where I link to a bunch of the other online places that are "me". Now I've done it.

At first I planned to modify the About Me plugin to do the job. I gave up on that because it seemed overkill. (And hard.) The plugin had given me the HTML, and all I really needed to do was to use that as the foundation of a new partial template about.html.twig. I edited the HTML to use the icons I had downloaded, and then I call that template (instead of the About Me plugin's partial template) from recent.html.twig.

I'm quite pleased with how it looks. I even managed to snag the pnut icon. Now to think about converting the other icons scattered about the place, probably using images from The Noun Project.

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