In the DC area, for a couple of weeks of R&R; visiting old friends, sleeping late, doing nothing. But having failed to bring my own computer with me, I’m also deprived of essential tools, like my various solutions for EZ-blogging. Still, the old ways remain available. So I can reveal that I managed to buy a new dinky little digital camera, which is deeply fun. Despite all the research I had done, in the end I plumped for one that had not been in my original list, not least because it was on sale in the Apple store. At the training meeting I was at a couple of weeks ago someone had talked about a potential partner “trying to get under our halo”. Well, in this case, Canon, you definitely got under Apple’s halo.

In other news, IDiots took a hammering in the Pennsylvania courts. It was good to see the judge really go to town on why intelligent design is not science (or, for that matter, intelligent) and I’ll be looking for a copy of the judgement. And we went to see Syriana, an excellent film. Given the cinema’s proximity to both Langley and the Pentagon, the other five people in the audience possibly thought they were seeing a documentary.

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