Malaysians have been told to “pray for rain”, according to the BBC. That’ll get rid of the smog caused by illegal fires in nearby Indonesia. and much more sensible than actually dealing with the issue, which might be considered unfraternal, not to say interfering.

Then again, Paul Ford has this sensible stuff to say:

For many years my only job was to become happy. Many of the things I wanted to fix I didn’t, sure, and my faults are arms-length when listed, obviously, but I no longer feel the urge to list them.

So what is my job now? I don't know, really. I guess it is to go out and start looking for those moments when sensation rises up like a mountain rises in God's slow eye, when human-ness blossoms out of animal-ness, and then document them.

And here’s the thing. I agree with much of what he’s written in that post, although I’ve got a good twenty years on him. But still, from time to time the guy writes such good fiction that, well, I can’t quite bring myself to believe in him this time around. Like when I discovered that Bruce Chatwin’s The Songlines was not entirely 100% a reflection of reality. Whatever that is.

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