Step 1: Google "rossellini porno inspiration"

Rossellini as a fly, lifted from Wired

Step 2: Read “Rossellini had interest creating a series of little films about how different bugs mate, and Robert Redford has continued in the theme of his eco-friendly programming for the channel.”

Step 3: Scratch confusedly.

Step 4: Read 1 “Inspired by the amazing and often bizarre sexual practices of insects and other creatures, these 8 films are both comical and insightful studies of the curious ways a variety of earth's tiny critters ‘make love’.”

Step 5: Begin to wonder about all-knowing power of interwebs.

Step 6: Read teaser: “So, how did the glamour icon get into the insect porn business?”

Step 7: Pursue tease to source of lifted prose.

Step 8: Drink deeply from Wired source:

I’ve always been very interested in animals, so I knew that insects had these very odd ways of mating and I thought, “Oh, it’d be great to do a series of little films about how different bugs mate.”

I’ve kept my nature books and always made little notes about these mind-blowing things insects do, and I also called friends who were scientists. The information in Green Porno is correct, but the way we sell it is absurd.

The hardest part was to translate all this information into a few simple strokes: “If I were a fly I’d have these eyes, I’d have this, I’d have that” -- boom boom boom -- so that people say, “Yeah, she’s a fly.”

Wired: How much was the budget?

Rossellini: $70,000 for the whole series. $7,000 or $8,000 for each film.

Question 1: Is $4000 a minute more or less than an average Homo porno?

Step 9: While pondering, pursue the YouTube video that is no longer available from the Wired page and watch it.

OK, that explains everything.

Question 2: Can we be absolutely sure Dr Tatiana was not involved?

  1. 2021-10-17: Excluded from the Wayback Machine. 

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