To Lima, via Amsterdam. A long, but deeply uneventful flight, which is as it should be. Just two complaints. First, my super-duper reclining seat had a broken footrest, which made it pretty uncomfortable when fully reclined. And second, with a rinky-dink little personal screen one has no way of knowing when particular movies start unless one keeps the screen out, and then it gets in the way and is a distraction. So while I happened to glance over at a neighbour's screen in time to catch the massive restaurant slaughter of Kill Bill, I missed Harry Potter and the Thingy of Whatsit each time it started. My suggestion: synchronize the start of all movies, and flash a little message on the main cabin screen when movies are about to begin.

Lima is big, and grey. But then, I haven't left the hotel yet. Why would I, when there's free wi-fi in the room?

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