It's a scandal! Jonathan Eisen says that Hollywood is making a movie tentatively entitled Tree of Life. Plot summary?

In a mystical world of folklore, several individuals embrace in a race to find the Tree of Life, said to give immortality, fertility, and other supernatural powers.

Eisen wants to protect this holiest of holy phrases from the attention of a gazillion celebrity-sucking bloggers etc who, he fears, will cause “uses of the Tree of Life by evolutionary biologists [to] lose their google rankings. The term ‘The Tree of Life’ is at risk of a form of extinction.”

And the solution? Link to the real McCoys. Which I'm happy to do.

I do, however, need someone to explain to me just when “fertility” became a supernatural power.

2022-08-03: I'm leaving all the links in that list exactly as I found them, even though several are dead and gone. Unlike the tree of life itself. So far.

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