A recent update to iOS on my phone did for Notesy, the app I had been using to synchronise with nvALT. I replaced it with 1Writer, and thought no more about it. 1Writer did what I wanted, it could read, write, edit and search the notes in nvALT.

Meanwhile, I kept mumbling about want to replace Day One with an open-source journalling app, but the truth is that none of the ones I could see fully met all my needs.

Then, quite by chance, I discovered this thing in 1Writer called the Action Directory. And in there is an Action called New Journal Entry. Whoa! I can have a Journal folder on DropBox, create entries relatively easily, add photos to them, tag them, ever'thang.

Of course, nvALT itself is still limited to just one folder, and fsnotes doesn't display or search as nicely as nvALT. But maybe, if I tweak the action just a tad, I could add a #journal tag automatically to journal entries and save them in the general nvALT folder rather than in a specific Journal folder.

On first blush that looks a little tricky, but it may be doable. Something for an idle moment next week, maybe.

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