If organizations are going to whine when they fail to get credit for something they’ve supported, the least they could do would be to make it easier. How many funding agencies — and this is a rhetorical question, unless you actually know — make it easy for one to download their logo in an appropriate format?

My own employer is not immune, but as I’ve moaned myself, that’s not my fault, though with luck it will be, soon. In the meantime, this rant is occasioned by my need for a decent file of the UNDP logo, preferably a scalable EPS with proper colour information. Is that so much to ask for? I thought not. Finally, in frustration, I’ve had to go direcct to UNDP’s Head of Media. We’ll see.

And we did! See that is. Barely an hour after sending my message I received a perfect file. Kudos to the UNDP Communications Office.

Bizarrely, UNDP proudly display a web page1 explaining the new logo, but as far as I can see does not actually make it possible to get hold of a copy.

  1. Link rotted away, 9 December 2015  

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