Went for a traipse round town this morning with a few errands to run; shoes, DAT tapes and compressed air all bought and paid for. Then popped into a big bookshop with a good record section, and was astounded by a neat piece of technology. Headphones with bar code scanners. So you slide the CD you want to hear under the scanner, and it plays you 30" snatches of each track. Very neat. We are now almost back to the good old days when a single cost 6/8 and an LP 32/6 and I cut my retail teeth at Hampstead Record Centre with the wonderful Dave Brodie. The hours I spent in the booth there, lined with holey hardboard and reeking of Embassies and No. 6. 1

And while in that frame of mind, what should I come across but Al Kooper's Supersession, remastered. One of several records I first made friends with in the aforementioned booth. Bits of it are not nearly as good as I remember. But to compensate, bits are far, far better.

Also, Scissor Sisters, which I had no idea "delivers slightly naughty, sexy pop thrills with only a little dependency on high camp or the variety of drag queen feyness that afflicts most other gay acts who attempt wider appeal". I just like the sound of them.

All in all, a good day, so far.

  1. 22 January 2016: Seriously, this was only 11 years ago, and yet many of the references in this paragraph are completely out of date. Who remembers DAT tapes now? Once, they were the bee's knees. 

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