It was a good month, although an early spell of good weather rather lulled me into thinking that spring had sprung, only for April to go out like a lion.

Highlights of the month:

  • The academic paper was published to no substantive objection. Yet
  • Negative biopsy. Yay!
  • Excellent visit to old friends in Brussels, plus recorded an episode of ETP there
  • Dismantled the old bike completely (with professional help) and started to fix things up
  • Fine visit from an old friend and colleague, and her daughter and mother
  • Made actual use of ChatGPT to write a little program
  • A succession of successful snail hunts on the terrace
  • One piece of paid work, and that was plenty


Steps up, sleep down. Must be the seasons.


  • Walking with sticks: 0
  • Reading: 5
  • Steps (avge): 9143
  • Podcasts: 33 (31 of them logged)
  • In bed/asleep 8:12/7:26
  • 7 Minutes: 5 days
  • Cycled: 4 days
  • Weight (avge): 86.8
  • Naps: 5


  • Walking with sticks: 0
  • Reading: 17
  • Steps (avge): 8947
  • Podcasts: 33 (28 of them logged)
  • In bed/asleep 8:33/7:42
  • 7 Minutes: 6 days
  • Cycled: 10 days
  • Weight (avge): 87.2
  • Naps: 4

Stuff Done

Still getting loads of spam to just one or two posts, despite having deleted all previous spam comments, so I guess the spammers are not actually monitoring anything, just blasting their crap out willy nilly. I cannot think of anything more soul-crushing.

On the bike restoration, I oscillate madly between the fantasy of wanting to lovingly fix absolutely every original part and the reality of knowing that I definitely don't have the patience and likely don't have the skills or resources. I'm currently stalking eBay for a replacement saddle, a quill stem and a left crank, having discovered to my astonishment that the cranks are ill-matched, with a right of 165mm and a left of 170mm. Never noticed that before now.

Splurged out on Keyboard Maestro, in order to use a single macro that converts Bike outline files into Markdown files, and am finding it very much harder to understand or, dare I say it, grok, than I anticipated. I've built a couple of little things to speed my chores, fractionally, but I'm torn between accepting it was an expensive purchase and spending yet more for a tutorial course.

Hours logged per month

Graph of total hours worked each month since January 2019

Percent of logged hours

Percentage of hours logged for Admin, Podcasts and Writing

Previous years are on an archive page.


Nine posts here, which will do nicely. $project got absolutely no attention, and that needs to be fixed. The little automations I built were satisfying.


Not too many this month. I would still like to be a bit more disciplined about blocking time for things, but I am not beating myself up about it.

Final remarks

Not too bothered about the lack of Twitter as I do seem to be able to follow lists. So maybe I need to put more people into one list or the other.

Here’s the table

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Month Total Daily Admin % ETP % Writing % Other %
04 102.9 3.4 49 25 19 7
03 117.9 3.8 40 28 15 17
02 116.3 4.8 48 19 15 18
2023-01 101.0 4.8 53 31 13 3

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