An insightful post by Tim Bray -- to the effect that “Twitter [is] a venture-funded startup with no business model, and these are tough times. They might make it and they might get rich, but it would be totally unsurprising if, 24 months from now, Twitter were gone, or a zombie site, or its BigCo acquirer was installing pointy-haired bosses to Leverage The Synergies” -- sent me to Laconica.1

Sounds fascinating. An application that allows members of a community (as tightly or loosely defined as you like) to share teeny posts. It can be as open or as closed as you like. If I were part of a community that wanted to do this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing I’d do it with.

The big public site that Laconica sends you too to see whether you might like it is just that -- too big, too public -- but still this is one fine concept.

  1. Great, great name, BTW.  

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