I'm enjoying a certain amount of schadenfreude at the antics of Yahoo group members who simply have no idea what is happening to them, why it is happening, or what to do about it. I raised the imminent shut-down a couple of months ago, and got not a single reply from any group member. It is now obvious that the moderators long ago abandoned ship. But the pain continues.

Yahoo people jump for joy

The group serves the town where I live as a kind of bulletin board. People who moved away long ago and couldn't be arsed to leave the list then are clamouring for "someone" to remove them. People wilting under the onslaught of single emails, because Yahoo kindly abandoned digests before it abandons everything else, are clamouring too, and seem unaware of mail filters.

I've pointed out the Visit Your Group button visible at the bottom of every email, even with images not loaded, and that it takes you to a page where you can unsubscribe. Still people want someone else to unsubscribe them. (I haven't unsubscribed myself because it is just too entertaining.)

On and on it goes.

I should note that the only other Yahoo Group in which I have taken an active interest transferred all its assets and happy members to Groups.io with nary a hitch.

Maybe this group will eventually reincarnate itself. I'm kinda hoping it does so on Facebook, so I can give up even these minor pleasures.

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