Today’s on-this-day post took me back to the heady days of 2004, when this weblog was baked to order by Tinderbox and the RSS feed it generated proved to be invalid. I guess I solved it eventually but that post prompted me to check again today. And once again, it does not validate, not RSS nor Atom.

The error is the same in both cases, something about a badly formed token in a CDATA section of the feed. But what, exactly, is the problem? Is it that there are <p> and </p> tags in there? Nope, cannot be that, because the first item in the feed has similar CDATA and validates just fine. In fact, the only item in the feed that does not validate is one for which I have specified a summary, rather than letting Grav simply curtail the post after x characters.

There is an obvious test. This post will have a defined summary and I will check the validator again later today.

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