... I’d look forward to working together on documents using SubEthaEdit from CodingMonkeys. I remember being somewhat impressed with it when it first came out, but as everyone I have to work with is a slave of the evil empire I have had no opportunity to put it through its paces. Of course, some of the people I want to collaborate with are free to use Macs. Which is why I am taking part in BLOGZOT 2.0 on MacZOT.com.

MacZOT and TheCodingMonkeys will award $105,000 in Mac software to the community -- among whom I number myself -- if enough people blog about it.

Kind of like rabid viral marketing, in which the virus itself changes the host’s behaviour to ensure further spread.

I’m infected. And now I’m snarling mad, drooling saliva loaded with infective particles, and you out there are all that stand between me and my copy of SubEthaEdit. So blog about it, before I bite!

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