iBank it is.1 After giving Moneydance and iBank another few goes around, I was eventually persuaded by iBank to part with my money. I was impressed by its slickness, especially at reconciling statements and getting information seamlessly from teh interwebs. Reconciling is an absolute doddle, as it allows you to just drag and drop from one pane to another, and as you can sort in the to-be-reconciled pane by amounts, that makes it simplicity itself to just run your eye down the columns to find the correct transaction. Share prices too are impressive, as long as you give it the information it needs to find what you're looking for. Imports just work. The slickness extends also to its nagging and then, when you finally weaken, to the online purchase. Very good all round.

Of course even “simple” financial software is a complicated beast, and it will take time both to learn what I need to know and to discover what bugs me about iBank; some things surely will. So far, though, I’m happy and would strongly recommend it to any other Mac user looking to escape Quicken's clutches.

Now I need a good replacement for iView Media Pro.

  1. 2022-06-15: I’m thinking the date on that post is wrong, for a whole host of reasons, but OK. And iBank is now Banktivity; I am still using it contentedly. Still no replacement for iView Media Pro, although Photo Mechanic is pretty good. 

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