Rusty bits of pipework lying on the ground

Not that any of them will read it but what, I wonder, would young people make of my post from exactly ten years ago? Yahoo Pipes? RSS? Curating content in order to share it from my own site? Clearly the hallucinations of an old fart’s brain.

And yet, it brought back memories of real achievement. I figured out a way to breach the skin of a silo and withdraw what I had put in there in the first place. Makes me think I ought now to knuckle down and see whether I can’t make better use of my social reader. I’ve long felt I ought to be able to do this in Newsblur, which is my preferred feed reader and which is able to share content in various ways.

There has been a long, quiet campaign to add Micropub to Newsblur, although it does seem to have stalled. One objection from Samuel Clay, developer of Newblur, seemed to be that everyone would need a different URL. Newsblur already offers a whole slew of sharing services that must require individual information, such as Pinboard and Evernote. It must be possible to add another service based on microformats and Micropub. I suppose I could make a start by poking into some of those sharing services.

Photo by Kim F on flickr

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