I’ve only just started reading Open Loops, as I get to grips with GTD, and today's post made me squirm a bit. Not so much because of the content -- everyone does need a hobby, it’s true, and practice does make perfect -- but because of a TV show it referred to: Dancing with the Stars.

I’m not going to go into details, except to recall last New Year’s, sitting in an Italian restaurant with the obligatory two televisions (thankfully tuned to the same station this time) watching possibly the worst show I have ever seen on Italian TV (and that’s saying something). It didn’t seem quite as “sophisticated” as ABC’s version, at least judging from the Open Loops description, but it was truly execrable.

My worry now: did Italian TV copy the Americans? Or vice versa? Or is this some new money-spinning TV formula protected by all manner of intellectual property rights that I have, poor blind fool that I am, been unaware of as a global hot phenomenon?

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