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Thursday 29 June: Thinking about entries as and when, I decided it would be better to do a single weekly round-up, even though I may write bits of it as and when. Yesterday I started idly browsing the SLD forums and there’s certainly more than enough there to keep a faculty full of anthropologists occupied.

But a couple of things struck me. One was that people generally seem to prefer oil to sugar water; at least, that’s the impression I get. So I decided to switch back to oil, rice oil (with added vitamin E) to be precise and bought a bottle yesterday. The other was that a lot of people have “timing issues”. So have I. Sometimes the morning goes by and I’m lost in work and I haven’t drunk my sugar water and it is less than an hour to lunchtime. One suggested solution is to take oil last thing at night and first thing in the morning. Yesterday night before bed I downed a tablespoonful of rice oil. Exceedingly bland, no problem. This morning, as the kettle boiled for tea, same thing; exceedingly bland, slight gag reflex as it hit my stomach, slight problem. I’m wondering whether it is safe to drink the tea immediately afterwards. Probably. I certainly hope so, or I may have to go the route of some of the SLDers and wake up specifically an hour before getting up to take the oil, which is way more committed than I care to be. Today I felt hungrier than before at lunchtime, but restricted my purchase to a single sandwich, as usual. Having eaten it, the hunger is much reduced. Gone in fact.

Monday 3 July: A weekend away, mostly cooking and eating on Saturday, and I have to say I am happy with myself. Despite all the social meals, I am lighter this morning than I was on Saturday morning. Not by a lot, but that is besides the point. It was easy not to eat more than I wanted to.

Tuesday 4 July: Someone at work noticed yesterday, said I looked thinner, which was nice. The full feeling is very odd. One is not stuffed, or bloated. But one is not hungry. It is almost as if one has eaten a normal meal quite recently, even though one has not in fact eaten for hours. Yesterday evening I indulged myself in a second slice of watermelon after dinner. Getting it down was no problem. But this morning I feel as if it was only minutes ago that I finished eating.

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