Futurama cartoon of Ronald Reagan's head in a jar

One of those very strange coincidences today in the world of podcasts. Back to back, I heard first Criminal Show: A New Kind of Life and then Thinking Allowed: Immortality - transhumanism.

Criminal was about a strange man on Key West, who called himself Count von Cosel. His crime, if indeed it was a crime, was attempting to resurrect, or keep alive, or something, a woman who, clearly, obsessed him from the word go.

Thinking Allowed was about "pursuing a life beyond the human". The first part, on "the ethical dilemmas relating to transhumanism" was dull and worthy. The second part was much more fun. Laurie Taylor rushed Anya Bernstein of Harvard University, through "the Russian visionaries and utopians who seek to overcome the limitations of our material bodies," treated at much greater length in her book.

I can imagine nothing worse than immortality.

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