It really is rather satisfying to receive this kind of validation:

Too often I found myself wishing that Jeremy Cherfas had been picked up to give the subject a proper 10+ episode treatment. I suspect he’d have done a more interesting in-depth bunch of interviews and managed to weave a more coherent story out of the whole. Alas, twas never thus.

Chris Aldrich's response to Modernist Bread Crumbs more or less mirrored my own1 at greater length. Chris is actually a lot kinder about the hosts and the editing than I would have been. I'd love to see overall listener figures from Heritage Radio Network, and even more the new Apple Podcast stats, with their potentially terrifying graph of listeners abandoning a show.

I've no idea how the series actually came about, or what anyone aside from Chris really thought about it. It would be nice to see any kind of listener engagement, but it's hard to find anything. There are three tweets over the entire series that use the show's official tags.

Still, what's done is done, and I doubt anyone would want to support another series all about bread. Or would they ... ?

  1. Which I did kind of bury on my least visited site; the perils of multiple online personality disorder.  

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