Am I the only person who thinks that Silvio Berlusconi’s pledge to abstain (from sex, obviously) during the election campaign is not only totally uncool, but just a little misogynistic? It seems to be a hangover from days of warriors (and their latter-day replacements, sportsmen) that says sex (probably with a woman, but frankly who cares?) saps the will to win. And that sees women as somehow bad for men, sapping the vital bodily fluids and thus their vitality.


Obviously staying up all night making slurpy noises with a bedful of twins is going to take its toll, though it never seemed to hurt George Best. But I’d have guessed a relaxed player is a better player.

Maybe Silvio is just making excuses for his failure to pull. But it’s a stupid promise anyway, because if he is caught doing the hokey cokey the rapid left-wing press (a rag or two he doesn’t own) will have great fun.

I look forward to it.

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