Of course I had broken the first rule of messing with the machine: do one thing at a time. So the fact that my iBook, upgraded to Tiger, and after a brief flirtation with BitTorrent and some ignorant port jiggery-pokery, no longer seemed able to connect to my Airport Express was completely unfathomable. It was also running slow as molasses in January. The last was easy to fix, with a rapid max-out of the memory. But the rest resolutely evaded my best attempts.

In the end I’m still not sure I know what the problem is, or was, because I borrowed a friend’s Airport proper and everything now seems hunky dory. So maybe it is something wrong with the Airport Express. I’m reluctant to explore, because I’m way beyond the limits of what I understand, and in any case, now that I am up and running, why take a chance.

What’s interesting (to me at least) is how thoroughly I’ve become accustomed to working wirelessly. Plugging the machine directly into the router worked perfectly (one of the sources of confusion). But that’s uncomfortable, so I didn’t do it much, and my blogging and emailing and keeping up suffered. But no more.

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