Because I'm a snarky know-it-all, I complained to the nice people at Sugru about their misuse of a plant's scientific name. Well, someone has to maintain standards. And because Suguru is a class act, I got the nicest reply:

Thanks a lot for taking the time to get in touch and point out the grammatical mistake we made! It's useful to know that scientific names should never be preceded with 'the', and I'll make sure to pass this onto our copywriters for their future reference. I myself studied linguistics and am a bit of a grammar freak - however, not being a native speaker makes it a little tricky, so I apologise for any awkward mistakes :)

I'm glad to hear that you learned something new about Pilea from our newsletter too!

We'd love to hear what kind of Sugru projects you get up to, and if you have any pictures to show us, we'd be very intrigued!

On the latter front, I have nothing interesting to share. Just mended cables, a hook next to the computer for my headset and a few other minor fixes. Nothing like the genius stuff some people are capable of.

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