Hah. One quick boast about longevity and I fall silent for more than a month. I've been away, on holiday, and under lots of work pressure. No excuses, but …

Much has happened; the question is how to relate it. One big post is daunting. Lots of little ones too difficult. And that's a story in itself, because I'm leaning more and more away from Tinderbox as a blogging tool and looking for something a little easier to use. Or perhaps what I really need to do is move away from running everything with Tinderbox and think about using it to post to a 'real' blog instead. Nothing has been decided yet, though.

Holiday was excellent, not least because it was cool (perhaps even cold) at night, which makes sleeping not merely possible but pleasant. Rome in August has much in its favour, but sleeping well isn't one of them. Oh you can drive the streets OK, and find parking for things that aren't open. But sleep don't come easy, not when you are bathed in sweat and the fan just stirs the hot and humid air around without any great cooling effect.

That'll do. I don't want to overface myself. Just ease back into this

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