Apologies for absence

On the one hand …

As a certified egomaniac, I recently noticed that one of my feeds was not working properly. Aside from investigating all the technical possibilities I’m wondering whether it could also be because I haven’t posted in a while. This might fix that.

The problem is my wrist. In some respects, and of course I do not really mean this, I wish it were much worse: unusable and strapped to my shoulder for example. But of course I can use it just enough to be painful and probably make things worse. Being a reasonably good tight pierced (sic -- typist!) who is temporarily unable to type well is possibly the most frustrating thing I have ever known. And teaching dictation software to understand me is probably even more difficult then learning to type with one hand.

I should be freed of the splint in about a week. Naturally I am expecting to be 100 percent as soon as that happens. Equally naturally I know I am going to be disappointed.

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