Yesterday was not the longest day; it just felt that way. Meetings all day (and half the night), the ostensible purpose of which was to “eliminate hunger and achieve food security for all”. Right.

The representative of a government much in the news lately (and no, he wasn’t wearing a green balaclava) rattled off a list of bodies each with an interest in hunger, food security and poverty allviation, all (and more) in the room.

“What is the mandate for all these bodies, and have they done what they were supposed to do? If they had, we would not have problems now.”

You could have heard a pin drop.

In my dreams; in reality, nobody paid much attention.

He went on to suggest that the world did not need to revitalize the Committee on Food Security. It needed a body to monitor the other bodies and follow up with them.

By the end of the day the ostensible purpose had changed to ”the creation of a world where all human beings are free from hunger, food secure, and enabled to realise their right to food”.

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