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Episode summary: Treetop antennas, a witness from history and a dialogue with a loudspeaker - Josie Long presents short radio docs and adventures in sound inspired by broadcasts into the ether. From the forests of North Carolina, USA to the city of Kyiv, Ukraine - two ham radio enthusiasts seek each other out and a voice from the past prompts a dialogue on listening between a rabbi and a radio producer. Treetop Radio Featuring Volodymyr Gurtovy and Thomas Witherspoon Produced by Cicely Fell Here Comes Everybody Extract from Shake Rattle Roll - originally made for New American Radio Produced by Gregory Whitehead and Dan Lander www.somewhere.org Mattie’s Broadcast Produced by Veronica Simmonds Featuring music from Alphabet of Wrongdoing by Cantor/Composer/Vocalist Daniela Gesundheit Curated by Eleanor McDowall and Andrea Rangecroft Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4

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