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Episode summary: We talk about the impact of different online platforms on the general election campaign, from Twitter and Facebook to WhatsApp and TikTok. Is micro-targeting getting more sophisticated? Is viral messaging getting more important? Or are traditional electioneering techniques still driving voter engagement? Plus we ask whether there’s any scope left for a ‘December surprise’. With Charles Arthur, former technology editor of the Guardian, and Jennifer Cobbe, from the Cambridge Trust and Technology Initiative. Talking Points: In 2017, Labour ran an incredibly successful social media campaign that the mainstream media outlets missed. Is 2017 repeating itself? - Facebook has gotten more transparent about the ads they are running. - There doesn’t seem to be a big Labour project, at least on Facebook. The Lib Dems on the other hand have a huge operation. - Labour has at least a few ads that seem extremely well calibrated. - Are we more resistant to political messaging on social media now? This election isn’t a binary…

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