"He wears make-up, like me, maybe a little bit less but he does. He wears heels, so sometimes, at least aesthetically we have more in common than he would think."

The Italian election is just so entertaining, and even if you don't have the stomach to sit through all the TV on the subject, [Reuters has the really important news]http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11516762/.

Vladimir Luxuria (néé Wladimiro Guadagno) is a transgender cross-dresser who is high on the big Communist party’s electoral list. Given the way voting works here, that more or less guarantees her a place in parliament. And that is sure to make the rest of Italy’s politicians -- even the wonderful Silvio to whom she compares herself in the quote -- squirm uncomfortably. Now if only someone would do something about the public sector and unemployment ...

2022-02-24: I couldn’t find the Reuters news, but Vlad was elected and continued to make news.

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