That was a very good loaf. Came out of the oven too late to photograph without flash (maybe in the morning) but had risen well but not too much, was cooked through, and had great crumb. Oh, and flavour.

The details: did a stretch and fold first thing, then into a loaf tin 90 minutes later. Put the tin in the fridge to rise, for about 11 hours. Baked at 220°C for 15 minutes, then down to about 205°C for another 15 minutes. Then out of the tin at the same temperature for another 15 minutes. Tested internal temperature, and it was around 93°C, so put it back in for another five minutes or so and got an internal reading of 96.4°C. (Those instant read thermometers really aren’t instant though.)

Only complaint, the top crust was neither as brown nor as shiny as I like, and that’s probably because of the rise in the fridge, which dried out the top crust a little. I didn’t put any water in the oven. Next time I might try either spraying the top to moisten, or some steam in the oven or both.

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