I've had a little problem here, mostly the result of biting off more than I can chew, technology-wise. I've sorted it out now, I'm pleased to say, more or less all by myself. "More or less" because the very act of asking others for help seems to be necessary to get me to think logically about things and try to solve them in a systematic manner.

My father was the same with the fiendishly difficult cryptic crossword puzzles he loved. He'd polish off all the clues he could in a few minutes and then read out one that had him stumped. And almost as soon as he'd finished reading it out, he had the answer. And that's another thing. He had this strange ability to know that an answer was correct long before he had worked out how it satisfied the strange strictures of the cryptic clue code.

I used to enjoy doing crossword puzzles myself. I wonder whether there are good cryptic puzzles online. 'Cause I have so much free time ...

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