I'm not really a city boy, though I do feel that if one is going to live in a city, this is the way to do it; cheek-by-jowl pressed up against the neighbours in densely packed proximity, not faux cottages spread across the land. And one of the joys of the city is being able to enjoy small doses of good stuff. Like the photo exhibition I visited last night.1

There were two photographers on view, one whose work I didn't particularly care for and the other eye-popping in the best possible way. Raghu Rai's pictures of India are intimate, unsettling, technically polished, and simply beautiful. I had never heard of him. (Like that matters!) But I think the iconic pictures of Mother Theresa may be his.

Add to the pictures the thrill of the place -- the Campidoglio gallery, with a panoramic terrace and fine views out over the city -- and you have the makings of a truly glorious evening. The real point being that we weren't there more than about 40 minutes in all, a refreshing and uplifting end to the day. If I had been visiting the city from the country I would have been traipsing around all day to get my money's worth. Forty minutes with a brilliant set of images in a landmark setting would have been a frivolous waste of time. A shame the terrace was closed for a private function ...

  1. 29 March 2018: Typically useless website.  

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