My, but the demands of a loyal readership, no matter how small, can be incessant. I know I haven't been posting here as often as I might. I feel bad about that. Part of the reason -- no excuses mind -- is that I have not done anything very exciting (or even interesting) lately that wasn't also a bit geeky. And that same small loyal readership (you know who you are) objects to geeky postings. So I'm torn. I can't exult about getting to grips with some stupid little thing, like installing a beat up old hard drive in a shiny new case and finding that it worked perfectly. And as a result I discovered a bunch of work and a bunch of tunes that I thought I had lost forever. Too geeky. And I can't bemoan the lack of glories to report. Too sad.

I nearly posted recently about the soul-sapping effort of writing for people whose goal in life seems to be to obfuscate rather than to communicate. And maybe I will one day soon, when I feel less bitter about the experience.

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