Cover of Incredible String Band's album Layers of the Onion I am so firmly in the demographic for The Boat That Rocked that it would have had to be truly dreadful to be disappointing. You know: predictable plotline, one-dimensional characters; forced drama; loathsome villains. It had all those, and more, and was an utter delight, not least because of the glorious soundtrack that was the real glue of a film that otherwise would probably have come completely unstuck. Excellent entertainment. I do wonder, though, how it will play to those who got their rock and roll legitimately, the yoof and people who weren’t on the shores of the North Sea.

Lots of good jokes too and little throw-aways, in addition to the big fun of trying to figure out which of today’s revered establishment figures was which of the ill-assorted lot (I nearly said motley crew) on the boat. My favourite of those was the one record that quietly-spoken Bob chose to salvage from the collection that threatened to drown him, and what became of it. I recognized it because I bought it, new, and own it still today 42 years on. That’s how squarely in the demographic I am.

My rating: 4 out of 5

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