Continuing to look for farina di grano arso, I've found somewhere that sells online, but availability is limited. Better yet, a friend over at The Fresh Loaf showed more initiative than me and actually looked in the Italian Wikipedia. There she found a detailed description -- ground from grains gleaned in burned over fields -- in the entry for Canosa di Puglia. And that made me realize, that I probably have a source less than 100 metres away. There's a wonderful Pugliese grocery shop that, as it happens, sells the most delicious smoked mozzarella. The place is tiny, with a Tardis-like ability to supply almost anything edible, and the woman knows of my interest in breads and baking. All I have to do is ask her to get me a kilo of gren iars, as Wikipedia informs me it is called in dialect, and I'll be good to go. They get deliveries from Puglia almost daily, so if I ask tomorrow ...

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