Update: There's an apology in the comments.

2022-05-21: Another update: the comment is no more, but appreciated nevertheless.

This just in:


I noticed your 50 x 100 x 50 is striking similar and also was started after another blog called 100x50 (https://lwarnerrose.wordpress.com/).

I would like to say it was a coincidence...however in our increasingly interconnected world coincidence is beginning to become a thing of the past...at least in regards to the internet.

Not to make accusations but is this similarity is a bit too similar, isn't it? Do tell...

Saxon Baird

I’m above the kind of cheap shot that would have me sneer at syntax or grammar. I’m a man of substance, so I addressed the substance, thusly:

Dear Saxon

You’re kidding, right? Either that or all that experimental short fiction has robbed you entirely of your reason.

Your first post -- oddly enough number 4, which seems pretty experimental too -- is dated 24th April. Neither that, nor your about page, gives any credit to anyone.

My first post, dated 3 March, explains why I am doing this and the people who inspired me, with links no less.

Your use of the internet to root out coincidence could do with a little improvement, I think.

You (and Madeline?) can take your feeble insinuations and look in your mirror. In fact, I’m now wondering what inspired the pair of you.

With all best wishes for your experiment.


Now, dear reader, it’s over to you: what's your angle on Saxon?

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