It would be easy enough to look at this website and conclude that I have been no more present here than I was on the old set-up. That would be wrong. For one thing, there have been quite a few tweaks under the hood that aren't visible but that do make a difference to what is visible. For another, there's the somewhat daunting task of bringing over the ±1400 posts from the old site and trying to make sure that links from the old site end up on the correct page here.

This last I finally accomplished this morning, thanking to one of my ever-helpful friends at ADN. And what prompted that was an ill-advised visit to Google Analytics, which showed that external links to several of my most popular posts were leading nowhere. So that's where I focussed my attention this week bringing over a dozen or so posts on everything from Big Mike bananas to Asian pussies.

Because it wouldn't do to let the Googlers down in their search for erudition.

The more difficult question is how -- or even whether -- to put these link-checked, spruced up blog entries out there. On balance, they're probably best ignored. Only ±1350 to go.

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