Start: 95.4 Last week: 93.3 This week: 90.5

That’s better; of course a loss of 2.8 kg in a week is absurd. I mean, I trust the scales and all (especially relatively) but obviously that wasn’t all fat. I suspect a good deal of it was, ahem, gut microflora and the rest probably water being rebalanced after time-zone travel upset my circadian rhythms. But some of it must have been excess poundage, and that’s what I need to strive for, to get back down into the mid 80s. The really interesting thing, which is nothing new but which nevertheless shocks me every time I relearn it, is how social eating is. On my own, at home or in the office, very small amounts are perfectly satisfying, particularly if there is no prospect of more. A single sandwich, for example, instead of two. In company, I just keep going, which is made worse by rushing. One answer might be to try for smaller mouthfuls. Or simply to relax and eat alone when I can.

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