Start: 95.4 Last week: 92.0 This week: 91.7

Saturday 15 July: This is a teeny bit frustrating. I seem to be marching along what SLDers call a plateau. For three days in a row my weight has been identical. Given the error inherent in the scales that's pretty remarkable, but at least it didn't go up. Today it is up a tad. I can rationalize that away. Lunch at the beach yesterday, a birthday party for a colleague and way too much good seafod pasta. (Way expensive too, but that's not for here.) Cue the old joke about the seafood diet...

Monday 17 July: Ha! Another breakthrough, and the plateau is no more. The interesting part is that Saturday was another day of social eating, although I managed to push away about a third of the dish of pici served for lunch. Evening too, I tried not to overindulge in the simply superb succession of dishes presented by a friend who is doing a cookbook on Tuscan food and invited a bunch of friends around to gorge and be photographed in his gorgeous garden. But yesterday, I got through to evening on no more than three tiny zucchini eaten raw while helping another friend water his orto, and then had a small plateful of very delicious stir-fried zucchini with some hummus and bread. And it really was no hardship. Frankly, I'll be pleased enough if tomorrow brings no great drop from last week.

Tuesday 18 July: So, I am down on the week as a whole; that's nice. There are some wonderfully strange discussions around the forum that Seth Roberts has put up for SLDers. One person's fundamentalist Christian sibling is dead against the diet because the theory behind it seems to require people not to have evolved and not to be perfect in God's sight. That it does work, for her brother, seems only to arouse her to greater ire. Mostly I'm keeping a low profile over there; too much else to distract me. There's also a wonderfully fatuous "review" of SLD in the Toronto Star1, not a newspaper to be reckoned with, but still. I do actually wonder whether we might be in on the start of a genuine paradigm shift, that people will think differently about weight and set-point in the future. Of course the dreary news about that is that we just have to be good Kuhnians and wait for the opposition to die off. Still, it is an invigorating thought.

  1. 2021-07-18: Link dead and not in the Internet Archive, so stuff it. 

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