Start: 95.4 Last week: 88.1 This week: 88.3

Monday 18 September: A weekend away, and no scales for two days, but gratifyingly small gain. Well within previous flutterings. The thing about travel is that damned oil. A little goes a long way, when it seeps out of the container. How do you get it to stay put? Admittedly clumsily spilling some of the nighttime dose, conveniently stashed on the bedside table, was all my fault. But the way it sneaks out of a jar with a screw-on lid is something to behold. I’ve a much longer trip coming up, one that involves the fluctuating pressures of air travel, and I’m not looking forward to a bottle of oil in my luggage, even inside a plastic bag.

Tuesday 19 September: Oh no! A dreadful gain of 200 grams over the week! This may be the first time, other than holidays. But am I disheartened? No, I am not. (I am, however, just a tad worried about how I will fare next week, away on business at a fancy hotel.) We shall see. Before that, though, I have to work out how to transfer an adequate quantity of oil. And how gratifying it is to have ushered two other souls to Paradise; welcome, Viscount La Carte and his missus.

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