It is just too bad. The cucumbers in the market are plentiful, small and cheap. San Diego Food Stuff just published her family recipe for Dill Pickles, with the elusive and vital information about how much salt to use, for this is not a vinegar pickle, no sir.1 But have I got any dill? Well, yes, a long row, but they're only a couple of centimetres tall. And where does one find fresh dill in Rome? Maybe at Piazza Vittoria, but then again maybe not.

No matter. I have copied out the recipe, noting that a cherry leaf or two, or even a grape leaf (both much more easily obtained than fresh dill) are vastly preferable to Ball ®Pickle Crisp® Granules, whatever they are.2 And the cucumbers will be around a while yet. Perhaps I’ll hunt dill next week.

  1. I wrote at length about this a couple of decades ago; can I find that piece now?  

  2. “Easy-to-use product that makes pickles crisp without the cumbersome process of soaking produce for hours in lime and repeated rinsing.” 

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