Cate Blachett surely has to be in the running for an Oscar, but as Actor or Actress? Her Jude Quinn (without a parka!) in I'm not there is astonishing, Bob Dylan somehow brought to life. She doesn’t impersonate Dylan, but she somehow recreates him, which is fitting as this wonderful, kaleidoscopic film recreates and weaves together several phases from Dylan's life. It mixes up the genres too: mockumentary, verité, Hollywood. The film is masterful, and I particularly liked the way Todd Haynes, the director, reproduces the shock of the first electric Dylan at Newport. It made me jump, I’m not afraid to admit. There are so many good touches, not least Julianne Moore as Joan Baez. It is hard to know what someone who knows nothing about Dylan would make of it; maybe they just won’t go, which would be a shame. I’m not a Dylan nut, although I am a big fan and have been since before the Albert Hall concert in 1966, and what I’d really, really like to see is a DVD with commentary from the director and, better yet, the subject.

My rating: 4 out of 5

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