Had a wonderful bike ride this morning, effectively the same route as three weeks ago, and this time on the new old bike.

It was supposed to happen on Monday morning, but life happened. Monday would have been better, because The Squeeze leaves early so I can get going too and avoid the worst of the car-driving cretins who double park at will etc. etc. The truth is, though, that even slightly later in the day, it is only a minor hassle to make my way down to the cycle path, and it was still early enough that there really weren’t many people about.

Average speed, as recorded, was 17.7 kph, a little faster than on the hybrid, which was 13.8 kph for the same ride. More to the point, the bike just feels better. When I got to the GRA I was sorely tempted to carry on to the sea, just for the hell of it, and take the train home. But looking in more detail, most of the second half of the path seems to lack tarmac, and I am not willing to risk a puncture. If I do ride to the sea, it will probably be on the hybrid. I’m also hatching a plan to take the train to the seaside, ride along the front and then try and find my way past the airport to a different railway station to come home. That should be doable on paved roads. Maybe next week.

Of course I came home with a list of things to do: tighten the stem round the drops, tighten the friction shifter and raise the saddle maybe 1 cm. I should also replace the rack on the back as it is a bit of a bugger wearing a shoulder bag and keeping it behind me.

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