Even more simpler

Three weeks on, I'm still too stuck in reverse engineering mode to have made much progress coming up with a new theme for Grav.

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By Jingo, I do enjoy Kipling

No jokes, please

I've been on a bit of a Kipling jag lately, first Kim and then The Man Who Would Be King. Both are very definitely of their time and of their author and raise the perennial question of judging the art or the artist.

As far as Kipling goes, this is by no means a novel question. He's been blackballed and readmitted many, many times by people much cleverer than I could ever hope to be.1 I chanced upon one such assessment in a foreword to a collection of The Man Who Would be King and Without Benefit of Clergy.2 On the one hand, it sees Kipling as

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Time for a talk

Ethan Marcotte at New Adventures 2019

Antique Singer sewing machine

Finally, late this afternoon, I found time to watch the video of a talk by Ethan Marcotte that Jeremy Keith had recommended.

[Y]ou really must watch it. Don’t multitask. Don’t fast forward. Set aside some time and space, and then take it all in.

I did. Set aside the time, watched and...

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No more reverse engineering

Sometimes starting over is simpler

For quite a while now I have been wrestling with the new default theme for Grav, which runs this site, in order to benefit from all the wonderful possibilities going forward. Unfortunately, I am belatedly coming to the realisation that reverse engineering a theme is just more trouble than it is worth, at least for me. In trying to be all things for all people, a lot of themes are just very, very complicated. I don't need all the possibilities on offer. I just need the kind of layout I like, which would essentially mirror the layout you see right now, especially if you are not looking at it on a phone.

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Not at all unhappy that this report covers two months. June and July we enjoyed a lot of travelling, some of it the very time when I might have been writing a monthly report, so. Travels to Ischia, Wales and Puglia, each of them wonderful in its own way.

One definite discovery, which I sort of knew but hadn't really thought much about. When I'm away on holiday, I sometimes have to do a bit of work. If I set aside a couple of quiet hours early in the morning, I can get as much done then as I can in almost a day at home. Knowing that in a couple of hours I will have to be ready to go to the beach, or sightseeing, or shopping for that day's dinner, prevents me from prevaricating like nothing else.

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