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Episode summary: This week, an epic Yes Yes No spanning an entire galaxy of internet fights. Plus, Alex Goldman reveals a dark personal secret. And an update on Sal’s quest to get into college in Canada. See the tweet here.

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I confess, I had no idea that washing your legs in the shower was a topic of interest, let alone of internet outrage. But then, I always used to wash my legs in the shower, and simply assumed that everyone else did too. That was until I casually mentioned to my doctor that often in the wintertime the bottom half of my lower leg would sometimes get so dry and itchy that I would scratch it even unto blood.

"Do you wash your legs in the shower?" she asked.
"Yes, of course."
"Well don't. You don't need to."

And from that day forth, I haven't unless they are actually, visibly dirty. I still get dry skin in the winter but not, I believe, as frequently.

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