🎧 Listened to: Outlasting Trump

Episode summary: We talk with Gary Gerstle about the big issues roiling US politics with likely aftereffects that will long outlast Trump’s presidency. First up: the fight over the census. What’s a stake in the citizenship question? How has American politics been shaped by people-counting in the past? And what is the Supreme Court likely to decide? Plus we look at constitutional reform, the environment and impeachment. These are the battles that could have consequences for decades to come. With Helen Thompson. Talking Points: The Trump administration wants to put the “citizenship question” on the U.S. census. - Lines are being drawn between personhood and citizenship. - If immigrants avoid the census, there could be consequences for Democrats. - The Republicans know that demographics are against them. - Trump probably wouldn’t have won the Republican primary without the backlash against immigration. The United States was the first country to put a census in its constitution. - The census is not connected to citizenship: it’s…

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