🎧 Listened to: President Bernie?

Episode summary: We talk about socialism in America: where it comes from, what it means, why it’s so associated with Bernie Sanders and whether it can actually reach the White House. What’s the difference between democratic socialism and social democracy? How would the workers gain control of businesses like Facebook and Amazon? Who are the workers these days anyway? Plus, we ask what a Sanders vs Trump contest would actually be like. With Adom Getachew, from the University of Chicago, and Gary Gerstle. Talking Points: In the U.S. context, is there a meaningful difference between democratic socialists like Bernie Sanders and social democrats like Elizabeth Warren? - Warren is more focused on politics: reforming the Senate, imposing taxes on corporations, etc. - Sanders sees socialism as a revolution, but his actual aims are fairly modest: strengthen labor, etc. - Warren wants to break up Amazon; Sanders wants to empower the workers to take on Amazon themselves. - One key difference is that Sanders comes out of a grass-roots,…

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