🎧 Listened to: Is It Legal?

Episode summary: With British politics in disarray, we try to sort out what’s a stake - legally, constitutionally and electorally. Can Johnson refuse to do what parliament demands? Can Corbyn get the election he wants? What is Dominic Cummings playing at? And how much is the Fixed-term Parliaments Act to blame for the mess? Plus we explore the likely choices ahead for voters and politicians and we ask the big question lying behind all the drama: is this a question of politics or is it a matter of law? With Helen Thompson and Kenneth Armstrong. Talking Points: What was Johnson trying to achieve with prorogation? - Deliberately provoking the opposition? Making it look like Parliament had been defeated to push the EU to work toward another agreement? A lot is going wrong for the government right now and it is struggling get to the general election it wants to fight. - Helen thinks that the actual goal is an orderly exit from the EU. - But people don’t believe Johnson when he says he is serious about getting a deal. Corbyn says…

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