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Episode summary: Sunday, June 26, 2022; May I suggest listening to yesterday's podcast. It's full of timely stories, and reason to hope that now we will do what we've been putting off since the end of the Civil War. In the podcast I reference Bruce Sterling's talk in Copenhagen in 2009 and Elie Mystal's book about the Constitution which I strongly urge you to get and read or (preferred) listen to.

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I'm not in the habit of listening to Dave Winer’s podcast, and I can't remember who recommended this episode, but it was well worth it. And while I am no expert on the US Constitution, I have heard every episode of the podcast formely known as What Trump can teach us about Con Law and also Scene on Radio. Which is to say, I think maybe I would enjoy Elie Mystal's Allow me to Retort. Much as I would like to take Dave’s advice and listen, I fear that I am not about to dip my toes into a “free” trial of Audible just to do so. Apparently an actual CD was once available, and is currently out of stock. I don’t suppose anyone would lend me a copy?

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