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Episode summary: Josie Long presents short documentaries about illumination, the breaking of a new day, healing and hope. Light in the Winter Forest Written and read by Anna Selby First published in Field Notes (Hazel Press) Call Me Mother Featuring Sandra Caldwell and Shon Faye Produced by Thomas Curry The original version of this interview was produced for the Call Me Mother podcast from the production company Novel. The Day of Flowers Featuring Tamika Bell, Paulette Carrington, Starr Granger, Ivy Johnson, and Yvonne Newkirk Produced by Alex Lewis This audio feature was based on a collaboration with artists Mark Strandquist and Courtney Bowles to create a monument for former long-term and life-sentenced women in the American prison system called “On The Day They Come Home”. Curatorial team: Alia Cassam and Andrea Rangecroft Series Producer: Eleanor McDowall Executive Producer: Zakia Sewell A Falling Tree production for BBC Radio 4

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